Saturday, December 7, 2013


I am in a dilemma. :( I have an interview with a company on Monday 10am. I really want this job because it's an event company and I really love the idea of working for an events company. I have another interview at 11am and the company is quite reputable and the pay is even better than the pay offered by the events company. BUT I still want the 10am one more. :(

If the 10am one doesn't accept me, then of course I will pray that I get the 11am one. Here are the worst case scenarios: 

10am one tells me that they will need a day to consider. 11am one accepts me immediately. I can't say no to 11am one because it's rude. I say yes to 11am and the next day the 10am one accepts me too -.-

OR I reject the 11am offer in the hope that i get the 10am one and I DON'T get the 10am offer. -.- GAHHHHH

*pulls hair out* Hate such situations. Guess I will leave it to God. Whatever happens I will take it as His decision. :)


Mabel came over to my house today. I was watching a sad Bollywood movie when she came and I cried like a baby in front of her. HAHA xD 

Watching another Bollywood movie now! The guy was angry with the girl and was avoiding the girl so the girl went and lay down on a railway track -.- DRAMA right? Then the guy came and carried her off the railway track. SO SWEET, can't take it xD 


Wan Ling said...

PS I read your posts at a go and I'm commenting under random posts. Hope you don't mind!
1. I enjoyed eating @ Eighteen Chefs too! Isn't it amazing when it has a social course & has quality food & it's affordable? ;)
2. What's the job scope for the event job? Does it involve a lot of errands? Anyway yeah, leave it to God he has the best plans for us. I use to worry over so many things but I have more faith now. <3 :)
3. You're having a life after your As (Y) Blogging so often now heh. Can't wait to join you in the fun. But if you get the job, will we still have anytime to meet? Your job is during the weekdays only or?

See you in person soon Babe!!

Cheers from the free and happy smurf. :DD
PPS Remember when I was so depressed death was on my mind all the time. Never thought I can actually be happy and alive again. Turns out God never gave up on me :')

Jaslin Purification said...

1.Yes, it is :D
2. Just ushering the guests, asking them to either head to the auditorium or the tea room, giving them directions etc. Giving out water bottles and stuff! Easiest job I have ever done.
3. Thnk my job will be a 5/6 day job! Should have a sunday off! :) So still can meet!

YES, see u soon <3 Glad you're happy and Jehovah God never gives up on us :)