Friday, December 6, 2013

Prom with JJCians

I think the most exciting part of prom for me was the part where I shopped for my prom clothes. XD On the morning of the prom, the girls and I gathered at Zhiqi's house to dress up and get ready. Putting on nail polish was such a pain. Once ready, the 7 of us(Shamira, Zhiqi, Mazi, Neeran, Ella, Jessica and I) took a maxi cab(better than a taxi but little less glam than a limo) down to the Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel.

Pretty right? I didn't take this photo though!
Kudos to all the girls for dressing up so well! There were so many stunning girls :) I don't like taking photos with people that much though, so I only have a few photos (self conscious). Warning: The lighting was bad!

With the class clique <3 nbsp="">
With lit classmate, Meena :)
Why didn't I consider wearing a sari? I think there was this Chinese girl who wore a sari? Shame on myself xD
With classmate of 6 years, Jasmine(:
With the gorgeous Rinittha
Best friend of almost 6 years, Judy <3 td="">
With S20! Gonna miss u all :(
With my OG mates :)
With guitar mate Nishan :)
With Ming Sen :)
With Zhiqi :)
With the sweet Nasuha <3 nbsp="">
with Priyanka :)
With Sid :)

That's all for the pictures! As I said, I didn't take many! One thing that really affected me is the realization that I probably won't speak to some of these people that I took photos with ever again? :( Regret not being able to find Meiyi, Jiamin and some of the drama people to take photos! :( 
Heard many people went clubbing after that! :D Me and my girls went straight home though!

Congrats to Mok (Zhuan Ying) for winning prom Queen!! :) We screamed damn loud for her! :D
That's all for now :)

BTW my blog readings finally crawled up to my 10000! Whoots? 


Wan Ling said...

Hi Jaslin Babe :D
So glad for you and envious at the same time about your prom, because I don't think poly have such things. So I won't have the chance to attend anytime soon.
Anyway, you do know that the course I'm in is about social enterprises right? Just a question, if you were to open a social enterprise or work for one in future:
which group of people are you passionate about helping; whose lives do you want to impact? :)

Loves from the smurf ;)

Jaslin Purification said...

Families impacted by family problems. Like irresponsible parents and stuff. :X